Wise Villa Winery is the FIRST in Placer County (in collaboration with GoatHouse Brewing) to produce a wine-beer blend called "Vinobrew".

(Seasonal Availability)

Wise Villa is part of a fledgling movement to revive traditional brewing styles with a modern innovative twist: Vinobrews. These tasty brews deliver a flavor profile similar to a fruity beer, but with much more flavor and complexity. 
Vinobrews might look and taste like an especially flavorful beer, but they are in fact a co-fermentation or blend of beer and wine. While this might seem like—and is—a mind-blowing innovation and creative masterpiece, it is also a revival of traditional practices. Archaeologists have discovered that most of the first beers and wines created were not so clearly categorized as our modern grocery store drink aisles. Simply put, most of the original alcohols were mixes of whatever was around—beer, wine, mead, cider, blended and co-fermented to make tasty alcoholic beverages!








Their first two releases were brought to the table (“Kiss Me First” aka “Baciami Prima” and “Darkside of the Eclipse,” descriptions below) immediately caught the attention of local beer lovers and the media. Good Day Sacramento and Fox 40’s morning show both aired special interviews during the “Sacramento Beer Week” launch of the vinobrews. 

Media Attention from Discovery Channel's TV Show "How it's Made".

This media attention caught the eye of the producers of international television show “How It’s Made” which airs in 45 languages and 222 countries. In May of 2016, a crew from the show came out and filmed the making of vinobrews at Wise Villa Winery and Goathouse Brewing. The vinobrew being made for the episode was “Morning, Noon, and Night,” a three-way collaboration including local coffee brewer Roger’s Family Coffee which included a small percentage of cold brew coffee in the blend along with the stout and beer of the original Darkside of the Eclipse. This collaboration of three local Lincoln businesses brought the art to a whole new level. The resulting brew will bring your drinking experience to a whole new level as well. 
















Vinobrews that have been created with the collaboration

of Wise Villa Winery & GoatHouse Brewery:


#1: “Kiss Me First” aka Bacia Mi Prima
 “A very fruit-forward vinobrew showing red fruit, mandarin, and refreshing ale flavors”
We combined Goathouse Brewing’s “Menage a Trois” Belgian Tripel (infused with local mandarins) with our delicious Syrah. The result is a refreshing fruity ale that at first taste could be confused with a berry cider. But on the second sip (or chug), you’ll start to notice the complex, refreshing raspberry, blackberry, blueberry and strawberry fruit and Christmas-spice complexity from the wine, along with the mandarin orange flavors and coriander spice of the Belgian yeast used, all melded together seamlessly for a fruity, easy, summery yet complex brew. 
#2: “Darkside of the Eclipse” 
“A very rich, chocolate-coffee flavor and strong finish” 
This innovative libation is a silky-rich amalgamation of Goathouse’s “Darkside Stout” with Wise Villa’s “Eclipse” port-style dessert wine. The result is a stout-style brew with extra richness from Port’s berry-chocolaty character. Intensely flavorful with chocolate, vanilla, dark berry, and smoky oak notes and a rich finish. A little bit of Darth Vader, a Little bit of Pink Floyd, a lot of delicious. 
#3: “Honey Shard” 
“Apple, Pear and Buttery-Oaky Chardonnay goodness blend seamlessly with Honey Ale flavors” 
This blend of Goathouse Brewing’s “Honey Ale” ale fermented with local wildflower honey with Wise Villa Winery’s popular “California Style Chardonnay” creates a complex but easy-drinking vinobrews. For the more casual beer drinker, this will satisfy and quench, with high drinkability. But for the beer geek, there is so much more to notice. The honey and hop notes hit you first, followed by some apple and pear Chardonnay fruit flavors. But at the vinobrews opens up in the glass you start noticing the toasty, vanilla, caramel flavors of the oak barrel the Chardonnay was aged in. Then layers of malty richness pile on. But somehow all of these flavors come together and again—you just taste the final result, an easy-drinking beer with refreshing drinkability.

#4: "Muscat-Saison" 

This is our first Vinobrew which is the result of co-fermentation, in which the Saison beer wort and Muscat grape were fermented together, using aromatic white wine yeast. The final result is a refreshing, fruity Vinobrew with flavors of tropical fruits, apples, pears, and white flowers, with a finish very similar to a Saison beer, but with more complexity and fruit flavors. We hope that you enjoy as much as we do!

Wise Villa’s Winemaker Kevin Luther pitched the idea of creating a collaboration wine-beer hybrid with local nano-brewery “Goathouse Brewing.” Goathouse runs their farm-to-fork brewery (they grow their own hops and have roaming goats) just down the road from Wise Villa’s 20-acre Tuscan-style estate in Lincoln’s rolling foothills. Dr. Grover Lee, Owner & Winemaker at Wise Villa Winery, immediately loved and approved the idea. Catherine and Michael Johnson, Owners and Brewer at Goathouse Brewing, joined the project and immediately the group began working on their first products. 

In August 2016, Wise Villa and Goathouse again collaborated, creating two new co-fermented vinobrews amidst the busy winemaking season. Fresh Muscat grapes were co-fermented with a saison ale, and Sangiovese grapes were co-fermented with a saison as well, to create two new vinobrews to be released late fall 2016. Other new innovations may include bottled-condition Champagne-style limited releases. 


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