The Wise Villa approach to Winemaking is distinguished by purity, balance, & complexity.

In the vineyard, purity starts when our family-managed vineyard is carefully hand-picked. The grapes are sorted in the vineyard to remove any debris (leaves, sticks, etc.) as well as underripe or overripe clusters.


In the winery, the clusters are sorted a second time to remove any remaining impurities. At that point, the clusters are "destemmed" to separate the grapes from the stems.  Before the fruit enters the fermentation tank, it is sorted one last time - grape by grape - rejecting any individual grapes that are not at the precise peak of ripeness and flavor.


In the winery, purity is maintained by absolute cleanliness and care. Balance and complexity are attained by applying a variety of winemaking techniques and approaches, both traditional and modern, to ensure that the best flavors of the grapes are expressed into the wine.


During aging in our underground barrel cellar, the complexity of the wine increases through the addition of oak-derived nuances of flavor.


Finally, the wine is bottled on our estate bottling line in a sterile process.  This ensures that the wine that enters our bottles is 100% grown on the property, made on the property, pure, balanced, complex, and exactly the quality that our fans have come to expect from Wise Villa.


To learn more about Wise Villa's grape growing and winemaking practices, take a tour of our vineyards and winery (call to schedule).



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