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"The tour at Wise Villa Winery is more like an educational class in the science of wine making. The biochemical processes and how anyone can become a very educated wine consumer in less than one hour. Everyone will be understanding what is in a bottle of wine by just looking at one thing on the bottle. Everyone will be able to know what fruit character the wine will have, the acidity level, know where the characteristics of flavors in the wine come from and how to judge the balance of the wine without ever opening the bottle. There will be a test, and I guarantee that everyone will pass. This is something that they will take with them and use for the rest of their lives".

~ Dr. Grover Lee

Fall in love with the breathtaking views of our rolling hills vineyard while discovering the brilliance of Wise Villa Winery with this one-hour tour.

During the tour you'll learn the dynamic history of the Wise Villa Estate and gain valuable insight into how we became the Golden State Winery of the Year in 2015.  

You'll enjoy a short guided walk in our beautiful vineyard then a behind the scenes tour of our iconic winery. You'll have an exciting discussion with our wine educator about key concepts for Wise Villa's success ranging from the science behind our wine making, to the art of barrel aging, and how it's possible for us to grow such a wide variety of grapes in the foothills of the Sierra. You'll also explore how our unprecedented techniques and organic practices used throughout the vineyard and winery makes us so unique. 

After the tour we encourage you to elevate your experience inside our award-winning Tuscan-style bistro. Discover how the perfect combination of wine and food creates an experience that truly captivates the senses!


$10 tour

$10 wine tasting (plus tax)


1 hour


Rain or shine

Saturday & Sunday

Reservation Needed


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